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The Swiss National Bank and SIX launch the communication network Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN).

Anapaya delivers the SCIONTM software that powers the SSFN in close collaboration with telecommunication companies Sunrise, Swisscom, and SWITCH. SSFN increases the security and resilience of network connections to the SIC system and to other Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs), it not only allows for the exchange of messages between FMIs and participants but also enables data to be exchanged securely between participants using the same architecture. 


Greater control over data

Enables the sender of data to select their end-to-end data paths and control who sees their data.


More secure communications

Offers complete protection against cyber-attacks, including DDoS and routing attacks.


Fast fail-over solutions

Verified users will always have service available to them with reliable rapid service switching.


Boosted performance

A single point of access with better performance based on cost or latency level rules.

The SSFN is a SCION-based Isolation Domain (ISD) that will be used exclusively for the Swiss financial sector. It will allow for trusted communication between Swiss financial institutions and their infrastructure in a more efficient way.

Isolation Domains (ISDs) such as SSFN combine the advantages of private and public networks and present an innovative breakthrough for Swiss financial institutions and their IT infrastructure. It offers a decentralised any-to-any architecture, extreme reliability, protection against network-level threats, and clearly defined governance and trust anchors:



End-users or employees of SSFN participants are able to securely connect from home or any other remote location without accessibility, performance or security concerns.


A flexible, any-to-any architecture

Each user can communicate in a closed network efficiently with every other SSFN member. This flexible architecture enables fluid and efficient digital transactions with the Swiss Financial Sector, while data senders and recipients can connect through the same or different carriers, enabling them to be carrier independent.

Unprecedented reliability and performance

The SSFN provides additional protection against cyber risks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and BGP (traffic) hijacking in comparison to internet connections. Users have instant failover measures to guarantee business continuity and keep application sessions going, even if a physical supply line fails.

Based on SCIONTM technology

The network is based on legacy-free technology, with a constant flow of innovation from the SCIONTM community and university research. The SSFN is highly agile, enabling changes and rapid integrations with new functionality to be added with active SCIONTM

Innovative security and control

The SSFN uses real-time, end-to-end path-awareness, finding the most secure and reliable networking routes. Central access control and governance provide additional security measures while paving the way for new digital business models such as instant payments and digitised banking.


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View the resources below to gain further insight into today’s digital environment and why the SSFN is a welcome innovation for the industry.

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Développé au sein de l’EPFZ, Secure Swiss Finance Network est le fruit d’une collaboration avec le groupe de services financiers SIX.

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