White Paper - Enhancing WAN Connectivity and Services for Swiss Organizations with SCiON

Businesses with the need of sharing critical information in a secure, controlled and reliable way need options to achieve their goal.

Traditionally, businesses have been using private networks or the public internet. There is a 3rd option in Switzerland and abroad, combining the security and the reliability of private networks with the flexibility of public ones.

In cooperation with Swisscom, we analysed which businesses can profit from Swisscom's SDN, SDWAN or SCiON-based offerings:
- are you operating multiple sites within the same country?
- are you operating in locations outside Switzerland?
- are you exchanging sensitive information with other companies?

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You will learn about:

  • SCiON supplementing SDN and SD-WAN technology
  • Use Cases of the Next-Generation Internet
  • Solving the middle-mile problem
  • Public versus private network dilemma in B2B